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    Kurokawa Kisho

    Nakagin Capsule Tower, Tokyo (1972)

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    House in Itaipava, brazil by Cadas Architecture.

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    Edited By Me

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    East West House by Rob Kennon Architects

    Complete restoration of the existing front four rooms and the addition of a rear contemporary structure with living space, carport, upper-level master bedroom and roof deck.

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  8. archatlas:

    Passerelle Geninasca Delefortrie Architectes

    "When a place speaks, the most constructive reaction is to listen to it rather than to converse with it. The crossing of the Areuse at a precise point of the gauge was the demand. The answer is this footbridge, an organic structure, ensuring a better echo with the site and the river. The objective power of this artefact holds in its ability the power to blend in perfectly with the site and get clearly noticed. There is no submission to the place but just respect.”

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  9. cjwho:

    Studio for Arranz Bravo, Barcelona, Spain by Garcés – De Seta – Bonet | via

    The new building is designed for a sole activity: creation, an introspective and solitary experience, just as the painter told us. This led us to handle the volume compactly, with a uniform exterior design –layers of insulation and clear stucco in an expressive continuance of walls and cover– to establish a feeling of familiarity with the natural surroundings in an unobtrusive manner. The interior is a fluid and multiple concrete cavity – a direct result of the monolithic structural construction concept and the search for harsh and naked spaces that serve the artistic work that takes place inside.

    The plot of land is sloping, with an abundance of trees on the northern face of Tibidabo, and is adjacent to the painter’s house. The small building has the largest –12 m x 13.5 m–, and emptiest painting studio possible, a result of the meeting between the prismatic volume and the land, a workshop for sculpture and a store for the painter’s own work.

    Photography: Adrià Goula

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    The Shard, along with other skyscrapers of London

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    House within a House | Hiromi Fujii | Socks Studio

    In his built project for the Todoroki residence (1976), the radical use of the grid produces an evolution of the traditional Japanese interior planning, where spaces were combined in layers. Every element which composes a conventional house is reinvented and relocated. The façades are just the exterior container of the multiple sequences of spaces nesting one within another. The openings are multilayered: they don’t just connect the interiors with the exteriors, but penetrate right into the core of the building. Their location and dimension, as well as for every interior wall, always refer to the three-dimensional main grid and its sub-divisions.

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  12. enochliew:

    Hyōgo Prefectural Museum of Art by Tadao Ando

    The spiral staircase also functions as a device to provide natural light to the different levels and parking area.

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